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Lifetime wood treatment is unique to the world of stains. In this age of concerns about our environment both consumers and contractors are very receptive to products that are non-toxic and friendly to nature.

LifeTime® has been treating marinas, houses, and decking for over 60 years with a recipe handed down through three generations of wood-working craftsmen.

Lifetime is a Zero maintenance. No need to ever scrape, restain, or worry about fading or wear. LifeTime is friendly to plants, animals and people. Can be used in direct contact with garden soil.

LifeTime enhances the natural beauty and grain of all types of wood. The initial colour ranges from grey to light brown to olive brown depending on wood type, texture and dryness. The natural colour matures to a beautiful silver patina. Natural weathering effects of sun, snow and rain actually improve the qualities of LifeTime.


Simply add the concentrated dry powder contents of this package to water at a ratio of 20g to 1 Imp gallon or 100 grams to 5 Imp gallons of water and stir thoroughly. Some particles may not dissolve completely and this is normal. It will not affect the efficiency of the product. Stir occasionally during use to maintain proper solution. If using a sprayer, mix and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Stir well and screen before putting the product into sprayer.
Apply to bare, untreated or pressure treated wood. Apply solution with a brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping. If using a sprayer be sure to strain the solution before pouring into sprayer. Ensure that all wood surfaces have been completely covered by the product, especially end grains, fresh cuts and open cracks. Some types of wood surfaces will show no immediate visible change in colour. This is completely normal. After exposure to snow, sun and rain the
treatment will react with the wood and gradually change colour to a rich silvery patina.


20 g (150 a 200 pi2) / 100 g (750 a 1000 pi2)


LifeTime® treated wood is harmless to people, soil.,plants, water and gardens. The dry powder concentrate is acidic. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, flush with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention. Ingestion of solution may cause gastrointestinal irritation. Use care in applying solution as it may permanently stain clothes, fabrics, windows, stucco, concrete, stone work, et cetera. Do not
use with fire retardant treated wood.

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