Cladding Oil – Opaque Exterior Matt – Blanchon

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The Cladding Oil protects and colours the vertical wooden surfaces. This product is ideal for building walls, shutters and furniture. It offers an opaque ultra-matte finish, while highlighting the grain of the wood. Unlike painting, it brings out the grain of the wood rather than masking it. Its impregnation makes an opaque finish that will not peel and will not chip over time. The opaque Cladding oil can be applied to all wood species. It is coloured and non-film-forming.


Shake well before and during use. Adheres to clean and dry bare woods, without old varnishes, paints, oils or other products traces.

If coated with a finishing product, strip, sandblast and clean the surface to be covered. Use 80 grit sandpaper to open the pores of the wood and facilitate its penetration. If the wood is greyish clean it with LIGNA DEGRIO.


Apply the 1st layer in the wood direction with a wide brush by taking care of the grooves, the assemblies and the ends.

Allow the product to penetrate the surface for 20 to 40 minutes.

Do not wait until the product has completely dried before applying a second coat, the wood must only have lost its wet appearance. If necessary, smooth with a brush after a few minutes to get a nice matte finish. You can apply a third coat on more porous wood. If you exceed 12 hours between layers, lightly sand with a 120-grain paper before another application.

Important—apply on dry wood, do not apply under direct sunlight, the temperature should be between 12 and 28 ° C. After applications, 24 hours without rains are required for drying.


When the wood becomes lighter, apply a new coat of products.


150 sq. Ft. /Litre


Protect from frost, 2 to 3 years in an airtight container.


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