Greenol Plus – CARVER – Impregnating finish based on oils of natural origin for wood

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GREEENOL PLUS is a protective coat for PRIMOL PLUS or as a finishing coat for unfinished wood.

GREENOL PLUS from Carver is a hard oil product made from natural oil, wax and resin. Grennol Plus by Carver has been designed for wood floor protection but can be used on all types of indoors wood project. The use of Greenol Plus alone or in combination with the Primol Plus impregnating floor gives the treated surfaces good resistance to abrasion and enhances warmth of natural wood. Greenol Plus protects the wood without depositing a surface film, as would a varnish. The use of an oil facilitates the maintenance and the possible repairs of your surfaces.

Project type:

  • Wooden floor
  • Furniture
  • Wall, ceiling and beam
  • Molding and woodwork


The surfaces must be clean and free of dust, wax, grease, polish. If the surfaces have been treated with PRIMOL PLUS, sanding is not necessary. Otherwise, use a sander and sand the surface with grit # 100 or # 120 sandpaper to facilitate a good penetration of the product.

If you have applied PRIMOL PLUS, wait 24 hours before GREENOL PLUS.


Stir the GREEENOL PLUS container very well. The application can be made with a short-hair roller, with a brush, with a pad (sponge, paper, cloth). Apply in circular motions GREEENOL PLUS on the surface to be treated. Take care to spread it as evenly as possible in thin coats.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow a good penetration of the oil and wipe the excess with a clean cloth, paying particular attention to the junctions of the slats of wood. Let dry 24 hours.

GREEENOL PLUS is an impregnating oil, not a varnish. Avoid leaving a film of oil on the surface.

Within 20-30 minutes after application, brush with a single-disc cleaner (polisher) using a green or red cleaning disc and working at low speed to ensure uniformity.

After about 4 hours, if traces of oil have risen at the junction lines and knots of the wood. Wipe or brush them again with the polisher equipped with a white or beige disc.

In the case of pronounced hues, leave the pores of the wood well open, apply the product evenly with a pad and avoid hard brushing not to remove the color.

For a faster finishing cycle without using PRIMOL PLUS, apply 2 coats of GREEENOL PLUS 24 hours apart.

  • After 24 hours: moderate use
  • After 5 to 7 days: normal use
  • After 10 days: cleaning with Carver products


  • Regular maintenance: 7–10 days after the last application of GREEENOL PLUS.
  • Meanwhile, do not wash the floor with any cleaning agents. You can remove a localized stain with a damped cloth with water.
  • Always use the recommended cleaning products: the DERGOS and the DETEROL. The DETEROL is the detergent for regular maintenance. The DERGOS is a protective detergent for occasional use only, use it after Deterol cleaning. Never use commercial detergents.

Number of coats:

  • One coat: Only one coat is needed after applying PRIMOL PLUS.
  • Two coats: Put two coats of GREEENOL PLUS if you use alone.


You should remove all excess of oil in the joining lines and the wood knots to prevent drying problems. Do not apply at temperatures below 15 °C. Allow products to reach room temperature before the application.

Product conservation:

In its original unopened container, stored in a cool and dry place, the product will keep for at least 12 months.


160-210 sq. ft./litre according to wood type.


449 g/litres


Matt satin (the gloss increases with each coat)


946 ml/3,78 litres/18,9 litres