Glaze Clear – Fusion

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The Clear Glaze – Fusion creates a coloured patina while being easy to apply. This mat and translucent finish is used to create darker effects in the reliefs and stressed areas of your surface such as; the contours of handles, the projecting edges, the panel corners, etc.


Mix one part of Fusion Mineral Paint with 5 parts of Clear Glaze – Fusion. This recipe is suggestive, make a preliminary test to ensure the desired pigmentation. Apply lightly with a brush, insisting the product into the reliefs. Wipe with a cotton cloth where you want a lighter and less apparent patina. Allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours. For the best durability, apply a Tough Coat Sealer, MULTI-PROTECT by ÉVO or a Blanchon Initial VarnishCAUTION – To avoid surprises, always do tests on another piece before starting a full project.


35 sq. Ft. Per pot, varies depending on the thickness applied.


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