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This oil-based GEL STAIN FINISH is a protective urethane coating. It is ideal for highly used interior surfaces. It adheres to difficult surfaces and, thanks to its satin tinted finish, it will help camouflage imperfections easily or achieve the desired aged effect. The GEL STAIN FINISH is perfect for surfaces that are washed frequently such as tabletops, bathroom vanities, coffee tables, desks, shelves and even floors. It is resistant to water, food stains, alcohol, grease and detergents.


  • This product is applied by brush only and not with an applicator;
  • Use a natural bristle brush or a very short bristle roller (NOT a foam roller) to apply;
  • Dries to the touch in 4 to 8 hours and can be covered at this time;
  • Has a thicker gel consistency;
  • Long open time (working time);
  • Only one format available;
  • 4 different colours;
  • 1 coat gives a dyed look. The following coats become more opaque;
  • Satin finish.


  • Laminate, Lacquered, previously painted or coated surfaces;
  • Damaged or scratched surfaces;
  • Very little preparation required – just clean and remove any wax or grease;
  • No sanding or stripping required before application;
  • Extremely durable. Excellent for heavy-duty kitchen tops and floors, etc.;
  • Works on bare wood surfaces for a beautiful satin finish.


Apply on a clean and healthy surface, free of grease, oil, dirt, shellac or dust. Remove the wax or grease from the surface with the CITRUS SOLVENT by EVO. Otherwise, clean with the TSP by EVO. Do not apply on wet surfaces or on asphalt, shellac, vinyl or linoleum tiles.

NO need to sand the surface. GEL STAIN FINISH adheres well to old finishes.

Two coats may be required if the old finish was used to hide serious surface imperfections. If the previous finish is peeling, you will need to remove it (be sure to take precautions if the old surface is a lead-based coating) until you have a healthy surface.


Mix well before applying. Do not shake to avoid introducing air bubbles. Appears as a coloured gel until the product is mixed.

Apply thoroughly in even and uniform coats. A variation in the thickness of the coating will cause colour shades.

Dries for a satin sheen.

Applying a single coat will have a translucent finish – subsequent coats will take on a more solid colour. Make a test beforehand in a hided place.

Apply with a brush or roller.

The drying time is approximately 4 to 8 hours at 25 °C and 50% relative humidity on most porous surfaces and can be longer if applied in a thick coat or on completely sealed surfaces. Wait 4 hours before covering if necessary.

Always test the adhesiveness before covering – if it is still sticky, wait a few more hours and test again. If further coats are desired or if the surface looks bumpy, lightly sand and remove dust before covering. If you are applying to new raw wood, the first coating must be diluted by 20% using 1 part of CITRUS SOLVENT by EVO and 4 parts of GEL STAIN FINISH.


Dries to touch in 4 to 8 hours;

Recoat after 8 hours;

Light use after 24 to 48 hours;

Normal use after 5 days.

* This information is relative, the product may take more or less time to dry depending on the humidity.


Clean tools with CITRUS SOLVENT by EVO or mineral solvent.


About 120 p2/L.

The additional coats will give a deeper rich colour.