France colouring earth – Pigments

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Our natural pigments of French coloring earth are ecological. These dry pigments commonly called ocher pigments come from the best deposits of France. French coloring earths are easy to dissolve in water, natural oils, oil or water glazes, waxes, oil or water paints, milk paint base , plaster, lime plaster, concrete and acrylic binders. The natural earth pigments are nontoxic and are remarkably resistant to light and ultraviolet (UV) damage.

Take pleasure in creating your own milk paint colors by mixing coloring earths or other types of pigments at our milk painting base. We also offer you an excellent satin acrylic binder. Create your own colors with our non-toxic powder pigments ultra resistant to UV rays.

The natural pigments of earth dyes are also used in the manufacture of Swedish painting (ocher painting or flour painting) an excellent traditional painting for wood outside.

Use of powder pigments:

Dilute the pigments in a small part of your binder until you obtain a homogeneous and perfectly smooth shade. It is important to properly disperse the pigments and make sure that they are all absorbed by the binder. Then add your color to all of your binder.

Dilute the pigments in water before incorporating into a water-based binder.

Cosmetics pigments:

  • France colouring yellow ocher
  • France colouring red ocher


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