Flexible Abrasive Sponges – Multisurface – EVO CUT

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Strong, Washable and Durable Abrasive Sponges!

The EVO™ CUT flexible abrasive sponge is a new cutting-edge concept in sanding sponges. With raised 3D effect, the positioning of the grains in honeycomb form avoids clogging and makes it easier to remove dust. In addition to using it on many types of surfaces such as wood and paint, this abrasive sponge is ideal for preparing surfaces before applying a finish or for achieving antique worn effects on furniture. Since it is ultra flexible, the EVO™ CUT sponge allows it to better mold to the contours and reach difficult areas quickly. Being 2X more durable than conventional abrasive sponges, this one is reversible (double-sided) and can be used multiple times without worry. Its waterproofing and durability allow for wet sanding and the ability to clean it with water. The EVO™ CUT sponge can be bent without creating cracks or tears, making it one of the longest lasting abrasive sponges on the market. By using this abrasive, you ensure a professional level sanding without scratching the surface so you get a perfect, flawless finish.

  • Reversible
  • Ultra flexible
  • Very strong
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sanding and uniform finish
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas
  • 3D Effect – Prevents build-up


The EVO™ CUT flexible abrasive sponge is intended for, but not limited to, surface preparation prior to finishing, de-polishing and correction.

It can be used on wood, paints, varnishes, epoxys, polyaspartics, gypsum, metals and rust.


  • Green (120-150)
  • Gold (180-220)
  • Mauve (240-300)


4 in x 4 3/4 in (102 mm x 121 mm)