Fish Glue – Evo

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As the name suggests, fish glue is extracted from the swim bladder—or even some cartilage—of sturgeon and some other fish.

It was used a long time ago, back to antiquity. It was set aside after the Second World War, when the apparition of vinyl and acrylic adhesives arrived.

It is one of the best natural and ecological adhesives with slow adhesion, it can glue wood, paper, cardboard, fabric and even leather. It is often used for repairs of furniture, good quality musical instruments or for bonding porcelain or ivory. The Fish Glue is highly prized by cabinetmakers when complicated assembly involve several pieces. This product gives the time to perfectly adjust your project while being very solid when dry.

It is reversible, it means that you can easily remove it by steam. With the addition of pigment, it can also serve as a binder in the preparation of paint or Gesso.

It will give you a bonding force of 3000 lb/sq. in. and no stripper or solvent will dissolve it. It is cleanable with water, even when dry, you can sand and dye it easily.

An equal mixture of Fish Glue and Arabic Gum, dissolved in water, gives a very good cracking medium for acrylic paints or milk paint. It also makes an excellent blocking Pore Agent.

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