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29 April 2021

JE DÉCORE – Patios – Vol. 17 No.2 p. 61-63

Protecting exterior wood surfaces requires minimal care, effort and commitment.  While maintenance-free wood patios don’t exist, there are still options to make your life easier, such as applying a protective oil designed for the outdoors.  EVO Home Finishing, a Canadian company that offers innovative ecological solutions for the protection and maintenance of wood, invites you to discover its proven protective oils HYBRI-DECK and EXTÉRIA by LIGNA®.

Made from high quality renewable vegetable oil and resin, these products are great allies for any landscaping project.  They can be used on rough unfinished or stripped wood surfaces.  They are suitable for patios as well as furniture, walls or other wooden elements.  In order to minimize the use of petroleum products, these products are free from alkyd resin.

Protection that does not Flake

EXTÉRIA and HYBRI-DECK exterior oils protect the wood in depth, without forming a film on the surface.  As it permeates, they merge with it and follow its movements as it contracts or retracts with changes in temperature.  Result:  they do not chip! 

LIGNA® oils offer greater hiding power than traditional water-based products, which reduces the cost of treatment per square foot as well as the quantity of containers to throw away.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Since the oils won’t flake off, there is no need to scrape, sand down to the wood, or even strip when it’s time to give our patio a new layer of protection.  So much time saved!  In most cases, a simple cleaning is sufficient. For optimal results, EVO Home Finishing offers you to use EXTROLIA by LIGNA®, a concentrated cleaner specialized for oiled exterior surfaces.

Compare these two products in one glance!

To learn more about how to use our HYBRI-DECK and EXTERIA products :

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