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28 May 2019

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EXTERIA by LIGNA is an absorbing, vegetal based oil for wooden exterior surfaces. Its pigment’s richness, composed of natural earth and iron oxide, makes the wood’s grit stand out and protects your wood from the sun’s UV rays. It absorbs throughout the wood, nourishing and protecting it from water, fungi and rot.

EXTERIA is designed to protect your outdoor wood projects, vertical and horizontal.

What are the Benefits of EXTERIA?

One of many benefits for EXTERIA oil on a wood surface is that it is easy to refresh. Since its finish does not peel off, there is no need to deep sand, scrape or strip in order to apply a new coat. Simply lightly sand and wash clean before applying a refreshing coat.

When to Refresh your Outdoor Oil?

For horizontal surfaces, refresh every 1 to 3 years. For vertical surfaces, every 3 to 6 years. These indications may vary according to the use of your surface, its exposure to UV rays and bad weather conditions.

What are the best Weather Conditions for Applying an Outdoor Oil?

Your wood surface must be clean and dry. We recommend a minimum of 24 consecutive hours without rain before beginning your project and 24 hours of good weather after application.

Like most of outdoor finishing products, you must not apply under direct sunlight. Furthermore, the temperature must be above 15°C during the day or night.

When is the best Time to Apply an Outdoor Product?

You can do the outdoor application during the whole summer if the weather conditions mentioned above are respected. If you apply in the morning, be careful of morning dew. If you apply during the day, make sure your surface is in a shaded area.

Tip : A good time in the day would be early evening.  You will not have the overwhelming heat of the day.

According to our experts, the mild weather and the low risk of rain in autumn make September the perfect month for exterior finishing projects.  Also, the month of June, when it is mild is also an excellent choice.

What you Need to Refresh your Surface:





a) You will need to start your refreshing project by cleaning your surface with EXTROLIA Outdoor Wood Cleaner. Make sure there is no rubbish and no unknown substances on your surface.

b) Mix the colored and natural oil separately.

c) Calculate the quantities of products you will need for your project and mix 25 to 50% of EXTERIA colored with EXTERIA Natural. You may apply 100% colored oil, but it will darken your color. The natural application alone will renew the protection against water, but not against UV rays.

To keep a beautiful uniform color, we recommend that you first make small localized repairs before the application of the refreshment coat.


a) Empty a small portion of the oil into a plastic paint tray to keep the contents of your container clean for future use.

b) Brush cut the smaller areas before application.

c) Apply using a Micro-Fibre Applicator in the direction of the grain of the wood. You may need more than one refill depending on the size of your surface.

d) EXTERIA should be well spread to avoid over-accumulation of product that could become sticky when drying. The oil is designed to penetrate the wood and a thin coat is enough.

e) You will have to work by zones since you must not allow the product to dry before wiping. Do not worry, EXTERIA does not create overlapping marks.


a) After 5 to 15 minutes maximum, With a clean white bleached cotton cloth, wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood to help the oil absorption and to remove the surplus.

b) For a more pleasant wiping, we suggest you use knee protectors as well as shoe covers to protect the fresh oil. You can improvise protections with Bleached Coton Linens. You can also make a makeshift tool with an applicator covered with bleached cotton linens to facilitate this step.

Do not wait more than 15 minutes as the oil may become thicker and will be more difficult to wipe.


a) Clean your tools with ISO-DILUANT by LIGNA.

Note:  Flaxseed oil in EXTERIA can react to prolonged contact with cotton. When finished, carefully place the cloths in a bag filled with water or dry them flat before throwing them away.

If you have clean oil in your container, you can pour it into a smaller metal or glass container. The oil will tend to create a film (skin) on the surface over time. To avoid this, place a plastic wrap directly in contact with the oil.

Make sure to print and retain the Technical Data Sheet and note the colour.

For your safety, always identify your containers and store them in a dry and secure place, away from children’s reach.

Remember to dispose of your containers at an Eco-Center in your area.


a) We advise periodic maintenance with an outdoor wood cleaner such as EXTROLIA.

Note : For best maintenance quality, we recommend applying with a rag, a very thin coat of natural EXTERIA.  This will help protect the colour as well as fortify the water repellent protection.  This simple optional procedure will delay the need to refresh or repair your surface.

b) When the surface becomes dull and starts to fade, it’s time to apply a refreshment coat. Wait 72 hours before replacing your chairs and Bar BQ.

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