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25 July 2018

The Marketing team had fun testing two products to maintain and protect your Teak and exotic wood furniture:

  1. EVO Lumber Bright
  2. Blanchon Teak Oil

Simple and effective, this little video explains how to restore its original beauty to this small garden table.

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Step one: Clean the surface

It is sometimes difficult to know if the beautiful table you recently bought is well protected. It is even more so when we procure used garden furniture. Our advice is to use the EVO Cleaner to remove most graying due to mold and moss. This product is fully biodegradable and has a very low level of toxicity.

EVO Lumber Bright
  • First: Protect surrounding vegetation by watering before and after treatment.
  • Product preparation: Dilute in a plastic or glass container 1 part of the product with 4 parts of hot water.
  • Apply: With a garden sprayer, cotton cloth or brush.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes: Rinse with a pressurized water jet spray or use a plastic scrub brush. Then rinse with clear water.
  • Allow to dry: Wait at least 2 days of sunshine before applying a new coating.
  • Precautions: Wear safety glasses and gloves when applying.

Second step: Finishing

For this exotic wood table, we chose to used Blanchon Teak Wood Oil.

For smaller projects like this table, you can store in a dry place to protect them from the rain. So you will not have to wait a week of sunny weather.

Teak Wood Oil Blanchon
  • First: To ensure optimal impregnation of the product, ensure that the wood is dry (2 days minimum of warm weather before application) and that there is no risk of rain within 72 hours after the 2nd layer. Do not apply in direct sunlight or above 28 ° C.
  • Preparation: Sand the wood with sandpaper 100, to open the pores of the wood and facilitate its absorption. Wipe with a dry cloth. Shake the product well before use.
  • Application: Apply the 1st coat in the direction of the wood grain with a brush or applicator pad.
  • Allow to penetrate: 20 to 30 min.
  • Second layer: As soon as the wood loses its wet appearance.

TEAK WOOD OIL can be cleaned without stripping or sanding. Applied regularly, it nourishes the wood, protects it against climatic aggressions and will not flake. As soon as the oiled surface loses its luster, dust off and then apply a new coat.

Simple right?

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