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02 March 2018

Black soap is one of those products that I would not separate anymore. I could praise about it’s many uses, but that’s not what interests us on this blog. Today I will answer this question, how to clean your brushes with black soap. It may seem simple and yet a few small details can significantly reduce the life of our dear brushes.

How to clean your brushes with black soap?

It’s almost intuitive. Put pure black soap directly on your brush and massage the hair. You do not need a big amount of product, maximum one teaspoon. Rinse with warm water and already, you should see most of the paint coming out of the brush. If you have left your brush a little too long in the open air, you will probably need a brushing tool and more determination to remove the dried residues.

Massage deep under lukewarm water to remove the paint that has embedded inside. Some types of brushes are designed to hold a significant amount of products so you may need a second wash with black soap. Dont be shy to manipulate your brush until there is only clear water left.

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You should repeat the procedure as long as there is paint. Dark pigmented paint may slightly color the hair over time. It will not influence your paint colors in future uses.

Warning ! Do not use whatever product.

Washing your brushes with dish soap or hand soap is not the best idea. Of course they will be clean, but in the long run you may have bad surprises. Some soaps will tend to leave a protective film and eventually it will become sticky on your brushes hairs. As a result, the grime will be harder to remove.

The brushes hairs are almost as capricious as your own hair. Using soap that is too abrasive or designed to “degrease” will dry them out. Black soap is eco-friendly and effective, so why not?

How to store your brushes?

We all have this tendency to put our brushes upside down to let them dry. We love to have quick access to our tools when we work. The problem of this method results from the fact that the water contained in the hairs will tend to go down. Thus, the glue at the base of the hairs will be damaged. The best is to hang them upside down when drying, than the hairs will keep their shape and not bend.

Black soap will help nourish the natural bristles of your brushes, thanks to its olive oil composition. After cleaning, I put a small drop of black soap on the outer hairs to help restore their original shape and keep their flexibility.

The best is to leave them upside down at any time, but hey, once dry you can make a beautiful bouquet according to your pleasure. 🙂

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