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25 August 2021

Understanding the right technic for the maintenance of oiled wood!

Housekeeping is not always our cup of tea!  After spending time, money and energy redecorating, it is quite normal to want to get the right cleaning products so that your new space will stay beautiful for longer.  An oiled floor requires special care.  We have all the products you need from the small maintenance task to the heavy-duty industrial clean.  Here, we will help you understand how to maintain oiled wood using the OILED WOOD MAINTENANCE CYCLE.

Before beginning:  A little theory!

Wood is a living material, even though the tree has been cut back and forth for years.  Hardwood floors contract or expand with humidity and ambient temperature; it’s a natural fluctuation.  We must therefore find a product that remains flexible but stays resistant!

The difference between an Oil and a Varnish

  • A varnish is a film-forming product:  Which means that to protect the wood, the product dries on the surface, creating a film of a hardness that varies depending on the varnish chosen.  Several synthetic components are added to it to increase its flexibility and grip.  When it is worn, it must be replaced.  A complete sanding of the surface is necessary to give 3 new coats of varnish.  
  • An oil is a penetrating product: Which means that it nourishes the wood by protecting it from the inside.  It penetrates the pores of the wood and this is what allows it to follow the climatic variations that the material undergoes during the year without peeling or cracking.  LIGNA® oils are applied easily in a single coat or two depending on the oil chosen.  When your surface is worn, you simply need to clean it with the right product before applying a new coat of oil on top of the old one.


The wood acts like a sponge.  It absorbs oil, which nourishes it by preventing it from cracking and tarnishing.  In addition, the oil saturates the pores of the wood and protects it as well as seals it against moisture and stains.  Over time, wood continues to absorb oil, which decreases the waterproof resistance.  Using oil finishes is like an ancestral art and, like any great painter, we have our optimal recipes to preserve it and help extend its lifespan.

A MAINTENANCE CYCLE lasts 1 to 2 years depending on the use of your surface.  At LIGNA® we want to simplify all the life stages of your wooden surface and for this, we have developed 4 different maintenance products.  They will be used at key times, allowing you to extend the life of your oil.

  1. Clean – with SOLIA
  2. Protect – with SOLIA+
  3. Prepare – with EXTREMO
  4. Refresh – with GENERIO

To slow down the natural absorption of oil in wood, SOLIA and SOLIA+ come to the rescue.  Establish an alternating monthly routine during the first years of life of your oiled surface.  SOLIA will clean up your small messes and SOLIA+ will add a thin protective film on the surface.  Read the rest of the article in:

After you have established your routine with the products in STEP 1 and 2, you should evaluate the look of your surface.  If it’s still beautiful with an even colour, continue with your routine for another year.

When your floor becomes dull, the colour no longer seems even and stains become encrusted, that is the time to move on to STEPS 3 and 4.  EXTREMO is a powerful cleaner that will remove stains and GENERIO will revive the look of your wood surface.  Read the complete article here:

If your floor maintenance bothers you, give us a call! It will be our pleasure to advise you.



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