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14 August 2019

Frédéric Riopel August 8th, 2019

New in designing, epoxy river tables offer a unique visual appearance which catches the eye every time. To achieve such a special project, you need products that are just as special! Here is the duo we recommend!

To make an epoxy waterfall table, please note that you will need two different epoxies. First, the casting epoxy, which will be used to build the river itself. Then, apply a finishing epoxy which protects and gives the final touch.

Epoxy table

The Casting Epoxy, RESINOPOXY+ to create your River Look.

Why use a casting epoxy? Because it builds in thickness and dries quickly. Also, it does not cause air bubble situations that would compromise its appearance. Furthermore, with a garage floor epoxy, in order to build a considerable thickness, it would be necessary to apply multiple coat which would be costly in time and money. And this, without guaranteeing results.

The casting epoxy, RESINOPOXY+, is easy to apply. Simply pour it into a mould (well sealed) and let it set for 84 hours. RESINOPOXY+ has a significant advantage and can build up to 1 1/4 inch per coat. It levels by itself and remains transparent. RESINOPOXY+ will not yellow over time: its resin has an anti-UV additive. Contrary to other epoxys with anti-UV protection, RESINOPOXY+ remains an affordable product.

You can give your river table the colour you want using epoxy. Solid colours with metallic effects, it’s your choice!

The Epoxy Finish for your River Table.

To top it all off, to ensure a glazed finish as well as the abrasion resistance of your table, it is important to apply a finishing epoxy.

A product to consider is the CRYSTALOPOXY. It offers a very dense finish that resists abrasions as well as stains caused by some liquid damages. At a reasonable price, it also offers anti-UV resistance that prevents from yellowing.  It is poured on the surface and applied with a spatula. Its slow setting time gives you a greater maneuver while applying. In addition, it is an epoxy with no solvent nor VOC, making it an accommodating product.

With the duo RESINOPOXY+ – CRYSTALOPOXY, it is possible for you to realize your project while respecting your budget and making your task much easier!

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