EASY FLOW – Water Based Paint Additive – OWATROL

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Paint Additive that Improves Application and Prevents Streaks!

EASY FLOW by OWATROL is a balanced water-based additive that greatly improves the application of interior and exterior acrylic paints, including acrylic stains and varnishes. Unlike harmful thinners, EASY FLOW allows the paint to retain its inherent quality without affecting its appearance. In addition, EASY FLOW facilitates spray application while slowing down the wear of some parts, especially the nozzles. This additive is highly recommended for use in difficult climatic conditions, such as extremely hot and cold temperatures, or high humidity. EASY FLOW is ideal for creating special effects such as acrylic pouring and allows the necessary time to obtain the desired look.

  • Delays the hardening of paints
  • Facilitates the flow of paint
  • Eliminates brush and roller marks
  • Provides greater flexibility of use
  • Allows paint to adapt to harsh weather conditions
  • Allows for a spray-like finish when rolling
  • Improves spray distribution and provides better coverage
  • Reduces roller pressure on the surface and avoids paint build-up
  • Allows for effortless painting of a ceiling for optimal results
  • Extends paint drying time when creating faux finish effects
  • Extends the life of the spray gun and spray equipment parts


Adds directly to water-based paints, stains and some varnishes: acrylics, vinyls, emulsion alkyds and decorative paints.

EASY FLOW is an excellent additive for acrylic paints like FUSION Mineral Paint.


  • Mix the paint with EASY FLOW.
  • Ensure that the surface is dry, clean, healthy and well prepared.
  • Follow the instructions on the paint container with which EASY FLOW will be mixed.
  • Prepare the surface according to the recommendations of the paint manufacturer.
  • Application temperature must be between + 5°C and + 35°C.


  • Brush or roller: add 7 to 15% of EASY FLOW per liter of paint.
  • Airbrush or compressed air gun: add 5 to 10% of EASY FLOW per liter of paint to obtain the required consistency.
  • Airless spray gun: add 10% of EASY FLOW per liter of paint.
  • Decorative effects: add 20 to 25% of EASY FLOW per liter of paint.


  • Carry out a compatibility test between EASY FLOW and the paint. The mixture must be homogeneous.
  • Mix the paint alone at first, then add EASY FLOW. Mix again.
  • Apply the mixture according to the recommendations and prescriptions defined by the manufacturer of the paint used.


Adding 10% EASY FLOW to a paint will provide ~20%* additional coverage.

*Depending on paint manufacturer’s application recommendations and application tools.


  • Do not use with clear acrylic varnish.
  • If the paint thickens, add a spoonful of water per liter of paint.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet