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Finishing Oil for Wood and Epoxy Tables and Worktops !

DUO by LIGNA® is a catalyzed oil finish system made from high quality vegetable resins that provides long-lasting protection for interior wood and epoxy surfaces. Its tough, nonoverlapping formulation provides a beautiful satin-matte sheen while creating an effective stain barrier. DUO provides a high tolerance to abrasion, humidity, chemical and mechanical attacks, making it the ideal finish for high-use and heavy-duty surfaces. If your beautiful oiled wood table is starting to lose its shine, there’s no need to sand it to restore it: a cleanup with an appropriate product and the application of a thin coat of DUO will be enough to bring it back to its original luster. The use of Catalyst improves performance, drying speed and reduces curing time by 1/3!

  • High quality oils and vegetable resins
  • Create no overlapping effect
  • Waterproofs, protects and enhances the wood grain in one coat
  • No need to sand to refresh the finish
  • High tolerance against wear, abrasion, chemical and mechanical attacks
  • Catalyst improves performance and reduces cure time by 1/3


DUO by LIGNA®️ is intended for all interior wood and epoxy surfaces but particularly tables, countertops, kitchen islands and worktops. This product is highly recommended for finishing ‘Epoxy River’ or ‘Live Edge’ style furniture.

DUO is undoubtedly the appropriate alternative to epoxy finishes where consumers require a lower gloss finish.


  • For bare wood surfaces, sand by finishing with 100-120 grit and dust off.
  • For high density woods only, such as maple, open the wood grain after sanding 100-120. Wet and let dry. A light sanding with 220 grit to ‘break’ the wood fiber will be necessary after drying.
  • For epoxy surfaces, sand with 100-120 grit and remove dust. Clean and degrease using denatured alcohol.
  • Prepare the surface thoroughly so that it is free of wax, varnish or other contaminants.


Mix Part A (oil) and Part B (catalyst) together carefully. Never add more than 5% catalyst to the finishing oil.


  • With an applicator pad or cotton cloth.
  • With a rotary electric sander equipped with a micro fine abrasive disc.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, remove any excess oil by rubbing the surface with a bleached cotton cloth.
  • If the room temperature is high during application, avoid exceeding 5 minutes before removing the excess, otherwise the product will dry on the surface.

Optional: For a shinier finish, you must polish with a polishing machine equipped with a white pad after 1 to 24 hours.


1 to 2.


  • WORKING TIME : 45 to 60 minutes.
  • BETWEEN COATS : 8 to 16 hours.
  • LIGHT USE : After 16 hours.
  • FULL DRYING : 10 to 14 days.




180-500 ft2/L [18-46 m2/L] depending on the surface.


NET 1 L [LIG-DUO-1].



*If you want to stain your wood, use LIGNA® TANDEM-1 vegetable oil-based stain before applying DUO.


Satin matte.


Clean the surface with EVO™ BLACK SOAP or LIGNA® SOLIA. If the finish becomes dull, refresh by applying a thin layer of oil. Wait 21 days before cleaning.


1 to 3 years depending on use.


2 to 3 years in an airtight container. Fears frost!


LIGNA® is a Canadian registered trademark manufactured and distributed by EVO Home Finishing. Product formulations are developed by renowned European laboratories.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not compatible with water-based products.
  • Catalyst is sensitive to excessive humidity and UV light before curing.
  • Only use Catalyst with penetrating oils for wood finishing.
  • Dispose of the catalyzed product and its container properly after use.
  • After use, rags soaked with the product should be immersed in water before disposal to avoid self-combustion. You can also dry the cloths flat.


The LIGNA® brand guarantees the quality and suitability of the products in relation to the technical data sheet and the use prescribed therein. As the manufacturer cannot control compliance with the application methods and circumstances of use, this warranty covers only the quality of the products. In case of non-conformity, the manufacturer will replace the product proven to be defective.

WARNING ! Colours may vary depending on the preparation and the type of wood. It is best to try the colour on an invisible surface before complete application. The 20 ml demonstrator is the ideal solution to avoid hassle. The colour images below may differ from reality as they are viewed on a computer screen.


Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet – (A) Oil

Safety data sheet – (B) Catalyst