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***Note that the EVO Lumber Bright becomes DEGRIO by LIGNA***

Brightener & Cleaner to Efficiently Remove Greying from Wood !

LIGNA® DEGRIO is ideal for remove greying and brightening weathered wood surfaces. Its powerful formulation eliminates greying, removes stains, restores the original colour of wood and acts as a bleaching agent.

This product has excellent cleaning properties in addition to being fully biodegradable and VOC free. DEGRIO has a very low level of toxicity. It is not harmful to the user and is environmentally friendly. Although DEGRIO is mainly recommended for outdoor wooden surfaces, it can also be used indoors in a well-ventilated area.

DEGRIO is the ideal solution if you wish to remove the greying of your wood surfaces before applying or refreshing the finish. DEGRIO is not a stripper. To strip and remove a stain, use LIGNA® RESTOR-DECK. If your exterior wood surface only needs regular cleaning, use LIGNA® EXTROLIA.

  • Degreases and brightens
  • Cleans and acts as a bleaching agent
  • Restores the original colour of wood
  • VOC-free, ecological and biodegradable
  • Very low toxicity level
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Remove greying and brightening : Dilute 1 part of DEGRIO to 4 parts of water [1:4]. We do not recommend applying the product undiluted. If this is the case, avoid the product drying on the surface at all costs. Increase concentration if necessary.
  • Cleaning : Dilute 1 part of DEGRIO to 6 parts of water [1:6]. Increase concentration if necessary.


  1. Protect surrounding vegetation by spraying with water before applying DEGRIO.
  2. Apply with a garden sprayer, broom or wide brush.
  3. Wait and allow to react for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Do not allow to dry on surface and reapply as required.
  5. Scrub the surface and rinse with water. We recommend rinsing with a pressure washer.
  6. Wait until the wood is completely dry before applying a new finish.
  7. Sanding will be required before applying a new finish as recommended by the product manufacturer.


  • ± 40 ft2 / Litre (Pure)
  • ± 200 ft2 / Litre (Diluted 1:4)


  • 946 mL [LIG-DEG-946]
  • 3,78 mL [LIG-DEG-378]
  • 18,9 L [LIG-DEG-189]


In an airtight container. Protect from freezing!


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use safety glasses and chemical resistant gloves.
  • Do not allow product to dry on the surface.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Mix only with water.
  • It is not recommended to use the product undiluted.

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

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