Damar Resin – Pearls – EVO

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Damar gum comes from a natural resin (copal) that flows from the bark insects Damara pine in India or in Southeast Asia. It is a product known to painters and cabinetmakers who use it in varnish or mediums because the Damar resin combines three remarkable properties:

  • It is very transparent,very slightly coloured (it is the least coloured of all the natural solid resins) and does not turn yellow ;
  • It gives a very bright paint or varnish ;
  • It is inexpensive.

Damar gum is used for the composition medium to paint and especially in the manufacture of soft and glossy varnish Crystal style. Dammar gum has excellent adhesive power and is often mixed with wax.


The Damar gum dissolves completely in the citrus solvent.

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