CRYSTALOPOXY – Epoxy for finishing – EVO

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CRYSTALOPOXY is a perfect epoxy coating adapted to all projects : cabinetmaking, residential concrete floors, institutional, industrial and commercial. CRYSTALOPOXY distinguishes itself by its solidity, it’s high resistance to yellowing, easy application and by its transparent lustre finish. CRYSTALOPOXY can be used as well as a base coat or a finishing coat. Considered as one of the epoxy products the most crystalline on the market, it will be ideal for wood finishing and as a finishing coat on our RESINOPOXY+.

  • Two component Epoxy System reinforced with a UV non-yellowing ;
  • 100 % solid content ;
  • No VOC  ;
  • Without solvents ;
  • Excellent resistance to abrasions ;
  • Superior mechanical resistance and superior chemical properties ;
  • Idling time taken (45 minutes), which facilitates the application ;
  • Offers a very strong density, which increases resistance to stains and easy maintenance.

Preparation :

On Wood : Make sure the wood surface is clean, dry and well sanded to create an anchoring profile. It is important to seal porous surfaces beforehand with a thin layer of epoxy or varnish sealer such as live edge with bark and the cavities that are susceptible to let air escape, it may cause air bubbles.

On a Stain: If the product is applied over a non-sealing stain such as TANDEM-1, ensure that the cure time is 100% complete

On Concrete : The concrete must be clean, dry and without a trace of grease, oil, paint, cure agent or any contaminant that may affect the adhesion of the product. If the application is on new concrete, a cure time of at least 28 days is necessary before applying the product.

The resurfacing using a mechanical polisher for concrete remains the best tool for a good preparation. However, you can prepare the surface by sanding on most residential projects. Sand the surface using a sander with a 60 grit paper. You must remove completely all coats of paint.

On old Epoxy : If the product is applied on an epoxy surface that has been finished previously, more than 24 hours, the surface must be sanded with an abrasive 60 grit and properly cleaned with a vacuum before the application. This preparation is necessary in order to ensure an adequate adherence. Make a proper adherence test if there are doubts about the preparation of the surface.

Mixing :

It is important to calculate the mixture by volume (mL) and not by weight. 

Before proceeding to the final mixing, it is recommended to mix well parts A and B of the product individually at a low speed. A proper attention should be taken for the coloured versions of the product since the pigments may have separated themselves from the rest during storage. The mixing is completed only until there is a complete uniform colour.

Then, combine the two containers of part A with the container of part B with a mixer using a drill at low speed (300-450 tr/min) in a clean container. Be sure to use clean equipment in order to not contaminate the product. Mix slowly and carefully for three minutes in order to minimize the imprisonment of air in the product. Make sure to scrape well the sides all the way to bottom of the mixing container. For small projects, make sure to mix only the necessary quantity of product.

Once the product is mixed, you have 45 minutes to apply CRYSTALOPOXY.

Application :

Before applying CRYSTALOPOXY, make sure the temperature of the air and the area is between 10-30oC and the humidity level is no more than 85 %. Pour the product directly on the surface by tracing lines. Then spread the product using a scraper (squeegee), then roll with an 13 mm epoxy roller in both direction, parallel and perpendicular, in order to get a uniform surface.

CRYSTALOPOXY can be used as a base coat (directly on the concrete) and finishing coat. We recommend the application of a base coat and a finishing coat for a total thickness of approximately 20 mils.

On very porous surfaces, a primer coat of is recommended before using CRYSTALOPOXY.

A thickness of 4 to 6 mils of a primer coat is recommended.

Cleaning of tools :

The hardened product can be eliminated without restrictions. To eliminate according to provincial and federal regulations in place, the exceeding liquid of part A and B must be mixed together for it to harden and. All non-hardened liquids must be cleaned with citrus solvent, alcohol or any solvent following the instructions of the manufacturer.

Storage and logistic:

CAUTION: If this product appears thick or jelly looking, it is because it was cold. Please place the container in hot water for one hour or so; it will come back to its original state. The product will not lose any property.

Application Data:




2 parts of A to 1 part of B

Formats offered:

Mini kit

Small kit

Medium kit

Large kit


1 X 1 L + 1 X 500 mL

3 X 1 L

3 X 2 L

3 x 4 L



Metallic (pigments added)


We offer primary colours in liquid colourants (red, yellow, blue, magenta, black, white) also many pigment colours in powder form.

We offer 19 colours in metallic powder pigments


Thickness in mils


Mini kit (1.5 L)

8 mils

75 ft2 per kit

10 mils

60 ft2 per kit

12 mils

50 ft2 per kit

20 mils

30 ft2 per kit

30 mils

20 ft2 per kit


Thickness in mils


Small kit (3 L)

8 mils

150 ft2 per kit

10 mils

120 ft2 per kit

12 mils 

100 ft2 per kit

20 mils (1/48 po)

60 ft2 per kit

30 mils (1/32 po)

40 ft2 per kit


Thickness in mils




Medium kit (6 L)

8 mils

300 ft2 per kit

10 mils

240 ft2 per kit

12 mils 

200 ft2 per kit

20 mils (1/48 po)

120 ft2 per kit

30 mils (1/32 po)

80 ft2 per kit


Thickness in mils


Large kit (12 L)

8 mils

635 ft2 per kit

10 mils

508 ft2 per kit

12 mils

422 ft2 per kit

20 mils

254 ft2 per kit

30 mils

170 ft2 per kit

Dry time at 22° 55% relative humidity


Work time

45 minutes

Dry to touch

7 hours

Dry in Depth

8 hours


between 8 to 24 hours

Light circulation 

24 hours

Heavy circulation 

1 week



Colorapoxy – Liquid Pigment for Epoxy – EVO


Technical Sheet CRYSTALOPOXY