Concrete Hard Wax Oil – Blanchon

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Beton Hardwaxoil contains vegetal oils and natural waxes that treat and naturally protect concrete. It seals it and makes it easy to maintain. It is colourless and effectively protects against stains, dust and moisture. It enhances the natural colour of the concrete and can be used on all concrete made surfaces even if they are very stressed. For indoor use only, it is not suitable for sinks or shower bases.

Ideal for:

  • Concrete floors;
  • Wall tiles;
  • Work plans;
  • Stairs.


  • Sustainable finishing;
  • Ready to use and easy to apply;
  • Very low odour;
  • Waxed natural appearance.


The substrate must be perfectly clean and dry, with a moisture content of less than 5%, and free of traces of plaster, cleaning agent or any other coating or product (grease, acrylic or silicone sealant, etc.) Penetration or adherence of CONCRETE WAX.

Surface sanding may be necessary. Dust thoroughly.


Shake the container thoroughly before the application. Do not apply at temperatures below 12 °C or in humid conditions. Ventilate the room before use. If the pores of the concrete are closed, dilute with 5% Iso-Diluant from EVO. Apply in thin layers with a bristle brush or a 6 mm microfibre roller.

Wipe regularly as you apply with a clean whitened cotton cloth while doing circular movements. For large areas, the use of a polisher equipped with a soft buffer (beige or white) is recommended. To facilitate polishing, work in small areas.

Two layers are recommended. Wait 8–12 hours before applying 2nd coat.

Drying and hardening fast, take some precautions the first few days. Wait 2 to 4 days before moving on the surface and replacing the heavy furniture.


The surface must be dusted regularly. For dirt, stains and punctual traces, use the LAGOON® BLANCHON cleaner with a microfibre cloth or a mop.

** IMPORTANT: wait 10 days for the first procedure, so that the Beton Hardwaxoil can dry perfectly.

For monthly maintenance. Spray a light film of oil using a bottle with a sprayer and wipe with a clean cloth.


250 to 300 ft2/litre per layer

Drying time:

  • Dry to touch: 6 hours
  • Recoatable: after 8–12 hours
  • Full drying: 10 days

Cleaning tools:

Ligna Iso-Diluant

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