Colored Wax Stick – Briançon

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Made entirely of waxes and pigments Carbamex Colored Wax Sticks from Briançon are very effective for wood repairs. Carbamex Colored Wax Sticks are used to fill nail holes, scratches, gaps and wood imperfections in furniture, cabinets, floors and woodwork.

Carbamex colored wax sticks can be used with most finishes. They are very popular with antique dealers and furniture restorers. They make repairs quick and easy. Often the finish is then regenerated with one or two layers of Carbamex Paste Waxes.


The Carbamex colored wax stick is soft and very malleable. Just warm it slightly in the palm of your hand to be able to work like modeling clay. It is important to choose the shade closest to the color to be repaired.


Waxes. pigments and Isoparaffin.


Hot water

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