Colorapoxy – Liquid Pigment for Epoxy – EVO

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COLORAPOXY is a dye range for epoxy. Micronized, they are held in suspension in an epoxy resin. Specially formulated for our RESINOPOXY and CRYSTALOPOXY, the colors of COLORAPOXY can be mixed with each other and allows you to create a multitude of colors. With a solids content of 100%, COLORAPOXY contains no solvents and does not release any VOCs.

  • Concentrated pigmentations;
  • Allows you to create opaque and semi-opaque colors;
  • No VOC;
  • No solvent;
  • Easy to mix;
  • Scentless;
  • Colours blend together.

Preparation :

It is very important to mix well the product before pouring it into the resin to have a uniform color.

Mixing :

Add COLORAPOXY to the resin (part A). The proportions should not exceed 10% for a solid color. For translucent colors you will have to do some tests.  Add the dye in a very small amounts until the desired opacity is achieved.

After mixing COLORAPOXY well with the resin (part A), follow the ratios included with your epoxy for mixing with the hardener (part B). You will have to subtract the amount of part A that you have replaced by the dyes. (Ex: 2A:1B)

Format :

100 mL

Cleaning of tools :

Excess liquid from Parts A and B must be mixed to allow curing and disposal in accordance with applicable provincial and federal regulations. Any uncured liquid may be cleaned with citrus solvent or denatured alcohol by following the manufacturer’s instruction.

Storage and logistic :

CAUTION: If this product appears thick or jelly looking, it is because it was cold. Please place the container in hot water for one hour or so; it will come back to its original state. The product will not lose any property.