Food Grade Glue DURAPRO AW3466

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Food Grade Glue DURAPRO AW3466 adhesive is a precatalyzed adhesive with a polyvinyl acetate base that form a superior bonding strength with high water resistance. This glue is suitable for interior and exterior work that are occasionally exposed to weather and humidity.

AW3466 meets the requirements of ASTM D4317 Type 2 for water resistance and FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact.

This glue is ideal for cutting boards or work surfaces with food contact. You can protect and finish these surfaces with the Natural colour of Bio-Supra oil.



Shake well before use. Ambient temperature, materials and tools should be above 20 ° C. Surfaces must be clean and dry before application. The best results are obtained when the humidity of the wood is between 6% and 8%.



Apply directly with a brush, glue spreader or simply the bottle. The joints must be perfectly adjusted. Apply a generous amount of glue to your surface and clamp the pieces. The bond is done when the glue becomes transparent. Let it dry before sanding.



Wait 24 hours before exposure to dampness.

Wait 7 days before exposure to the weather.

CAUTION – This glue is not designed for immersion in water.



Before the product dries – wash hands and tools with warm water and soap.



The product is kept for 18 months in its original not opened container, at room temperature. This product is freeze / thaw stable down to -10 ° C.



30 g/Litre



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