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Loft Original is a reinforced acrylic paint that creates a concrete effect nuanced by the superposition of two colours. This product fits perfectly into the current decorative trend and allows to create looks of industrial style. Loft Original is applied on most substrates and is suitable for many uses, such as walls, concrete floors, work surfaces, bathrooms and showers.

Use the appropriate primer and protector according to the type of surface.

Loft Original is perfectly suited for the realization of a walk-in shower. It must be used on the walls only and not on the showers floor.

You can use Loft Original on concrete floors, but not to use on plywood floors, as it does not tolerate any bending and could crack.


Loft Original can be used on all smooth, clean and dry surfaces (especially on gypsum board strips). If your surface has reliefs like those of ceramic tiles, you will have to fill them before the application. Use the Loft Primer – Smoothing Tile.

Always use the appropriate primer on the type of surface you are applying the product to:


Select the two Loft Original colours that you want to associate.

Apply a thin coat of the darkest colour with a stainless steel trowel or stainless steel spatula. Allow to dry ± 4 h.

Apply a second coat using this time the two colours and alternating colours by creating irregular and random vertical stripes so that the two colours merge into one another.

Without waiting for the drying, tack with the stainless steel trowel to mix more or less the two colours and make the surface smooth.


On low stress walls the protector is optional. If you want to make the surface easily washable, apply the Loft Protector – Colourless Wall Coating.

For floors and bathrooms, especially the shower: use the Protector Loft – Floor, Shower, Worktop.


The protectors take 10 days before their complete drying. Before this, use with caution, do not take a shower and do not let water stagnate on the countertops.


2 L bucket covers approximately 100 sq.ft. per layer


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