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Treat yourself to performance, ease of application and durability of the Carver Italian varnishes. Carver Accent Floor Varnish is a water-base, one-component polyurethane varnish for floors and other wood or cork surfaces exposed to residential or commercial use. It is one of the most abrasion resistant single-component varnishes on the market.

Accent floor varnish also offers the possibility for professionals to increase its hardness and increase its resistance to chemical attack (alcohol, detergent, calcium and others) by adding 10% of hardener.


  • Outstanding abrasion and impact resistance
  • Transparent, it is suitable for light wood and can cover dark stains without a whitish effect
  • Can be reinforced with the addition of a hardener (used by professionals)
  • Slight odor and releases little VOC 100 g/liter
  • Easy to apply.


Matte (10% gloss)

Satin (35% gloss)

Semi-gloss (50% gloss)


The wood must be clean of all traces of old varnish, oil, wax or other finishes. Sand the wood, finishing with 120 grit sandpaper and carefully remove the dust particles. Fill cracks with our wood binder (Mastic bonding Agent ÉVO) or with (Mastic Wood by Blanchon). Stain the wood as needed, using our Tandem-1 floor stain following the recommendations.

For wood that has been stripped, make sure there is no residue left and carry out adequate sanding. Shake the container vigorously and let stand 20 minutes before application. Temper the product to room temperature above 15°C and with a relative humidity between 35 and 75%.


Apply Accent floor varnish, in the direction of the grain of the wood using a synthetic bristle brush, a sponge brush, a micro-fiber roller (10 mm) or with a spray gun. Between coats, let dry 3-4 hours. If you exceed 12 hours before adding a coat, you will have to sand with a 180-grit sandpaper. 

Important: Layers that are too thin could create orange peel effects and the matte version could tend to shine when rubbing. Respect the recommended coverage rate.

Number of coats:

Three coats are necessary. However, you can replace the first coat of varnish with Blanchon’s Prim’Sealer or Blanchon’s Prim’Gold. If you use Tandem-1 stain, only two coats of varnish are necessary as Tandem-1 acts as a sealer.

Dry Time:

To touch: 20 minutes

Between coats: after 3-4 hours but before 12 hours (no sanding)

Light circulation: 24 hours

Completely dry: 5-7 days

First wet cleaning: 10 days


Accent can be applied on bare wood, on wood stained with our Tandem-1 vegetable oil by Ligna or on most non-sealing water based stains, alcohol or oil (a compatibility test is necessary).


110 sq.ft/litre per coat


Dust with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a non-rotating bristle brush made of natural fibers.

Dayly maintenance: Use Lagoon by Blanchon spray.

Monthly maintenance : Use a damp mop with Lisabril by Blanchon and water.

If the surface becomes dull and begins to show traces of scuff marks, use the Heavy duty floor cleaner followed by the Renovator for varnished surfaces by Blanchon.

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