Natural bristle brush – Jack Richeson

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Jack Richeson oval brushes are made in Italy of real natural silk of the highest quality. Their very dense silk increases their durability and the load of stored products and gives the finish a smoother, brushless appearance.

Ideal for applying Fusion paint and paste waxes. They are also suitable for many other decorative or artistic applications such as stencil painting.

These brushes are manufactured with an ergonomic hardwood handle, their bristles are firmly fixed and retained by a rustproof stainless-steel ferrule.


Use our black soap made from olive oil and lukewarm water for cleaning your good quality brushes. Black soap will remove all traces of paint or wax and moisturize the bristles of your brushes to maintain their flexibility. Hang the brushes to let them dry, do not press them on the bristles or they will curves.

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