AUTHENTIC oil based impregnating colourless finish – Carver

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Impregnating colourless finish for wooden floors based on oils of natural origin dedicated to preserve PRIM’AUTHENTIC colours without yellowing effect.

AUTHENTIC is a protective transparent coat dedicated for PRIM’AUTHENTIC or as a finishing coat on unfinished wood. AUTHENTIC is an impregnating colourless oil, not a varnish. Avoid leaving a film of oil on the surface.

Directions for use:

The surfaces must be clean and free of dust, wax, grease, varnish etc.

If the surfaces have been treated with PRIM’AUTHENTIC , sanding is not necessary. Otherwise, use a sander and sand the surface with grit # 100 or # 120 sandpaper to facilitate a good penetration of the product.

Stir the AUTHENTIC container very well. Apply a small quantity of product, with a brush, a roller, a spatula, or a buffing machine, then wipe with a buffing machine (white pad).

If necessary after 4 hours, wipe the excess of product with a buffing machine fitted with a white pad. For small areas, use a clean cloth to wipe the AUTHENTIC.

Let the surface dry for 24 hrs.

For a colourless finishing without using PRIM’AUTHENTIC , apply 2 coats of AUTHENTIC 24 hours apart.


  • You can carefully walk on the floor 24 hours after the last application of AUTHENTIC.
  • After 5 days, the furniture can be put back in place by taking care of using felt protectors under the legs of the furniture.

Coverage :

160-215 sq. ft. / L per coat


Regular maintenance will begin 7-10 days after the last application of AUTHENTIC. Meanwhile, do not wash the floor with any cleaning agents. You can remove a localized stain with a damp cloth moistened with water. Always use the recommended cleaning products: the DERGOS and the DETEROL. The DETEROL is the detergent for regular maintenance. The DERGOS is a protective detergent for occasional use. Use DERGOS after cleaning with the DETEROL. Never use commercial detergents.


Shake AUTHENTIC container very well before use. It is important to remove all excess oil on overlaps and wood knots to prevent drying problems. Do not apply at temperatures below 15°C. Allow product to reach room temperature before application. In its original unopened container, stored in a cool and dry place, the product will keep for at least 12 months.