Arabic gum – Evo

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Arabic gum is not only a medium to crack. It serves since ancient Egypt for the realization of tempera. Some authors attribute to him five thousand years of good and loyal services. Arabic gum is secreted by an acacia that grows in Arabia and Africa. It is a product of plant origin very widespread. Our Arabic gum powder is very easy to dissolve in hot water.


Arabic gum is used to make glues and paints. Arabic gum can be used in tempera recipes, it is a good thickener for gouaches and the best fixative for oily or lean pastels.

Cracking medium:

Arabic gum dissolves easily in lukewarm water, it can be used alone, to create a medium to crack by mixing an equal part of gum arabic for a part of hot water. This cracking medium can be used with milk paints, Fusion Mineral Paint or any acrylic paints. You can also add an equal amount of fish glue to the Arabic gum already dissolved in the water, it will dry less quickly and the thickness will be easier to dose during application.

Let the mixture sit for 30 to 60 minutes to clear before application. For a 100% translucent mixture wait 24 hours.


Arabic gum is a neutral or slightly acidic natural product containing calcium, magnesium and potassium.