Antiquing Wax – Homestead House


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Museum-quality wax made in Canada from a traditional recipe handed down for generations. The Homestead House Antiquing wax is also sold under the name Miss Mustard Seed. It is composed of a mixture of beeswax, a light amount of Carnauba wax and is colored with natural pigments. Homestead House Antiquing Wax is ideal for creating patinas on Milk Paint or Fusion Mineral Paint while providing a beautiful gloss finish. It seals and protects the paint and reveals a brownish patina in the reliefs which brings out the texture of your surface. It adds a shade of brown walnut to most of your projects and applies perfectly to bare wood. It is ideal as a protective wax for lime plasters. It can be used in combination with White Wax and Colorless Furniture Wax.     

  • Easy to apply;     
  • Pleasant odor;     
  • Beautiful luster;     
  • Composed of natural waxes;    
  • Creates a brown walnut patina;     
  • Color and patina the wood;     
  • Offers good durability;


Make sure the surface is clean. If necessary, clean with TSP. On a waxed finish, remove wax overaccumulations using our ÉVO Citrus Solvent and # 00 steel wool. On bare wood, it is best to apply one or two coats of tung oil or hemp as a sealer before applying the wax.


The surface must be dry. Apply with a brush or lint-free cloth. Make sure to leave wax in the reliefs of your surface. Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe off the excess being careful not to wipe the hollows too much. Once the wax is completely dry (about 1 hour 30 minutes), polish with a cotton cloth or a polishing brush to obtain a better luster. Two layers are often necessary to obtain a beautiful luster. If you do not want to darken the wood, use Colorless Furniture Wax as a second coat.


Apply a thin coat of Furniture Wax once a year or when needed. The finish reaches its full hardness after 30 days.