Tough Coat Sealer – Mat and Gloss – FUSION

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Fusion Tough Coat Sealer can be applied over Fusion paint, milk paint or other water-based mat paints. It is resistant to abrasion and stains as well as it adds an additional protection.

Use it for heavy duty surfaces such as; kitchen tables, chairs, cabinets, doors and also in very humid places such as Spas, bathrooms or on walls behind ranges. Tough Coat Sealer facilitates the maintenance of painted surfaces with Fusion paint or Milk paint.

This product comes in two lustre : a satin finish and a glossy finish.

The protective sealant is made of quality resins that do not turn yellow over time.


Wait 24 to 36 hours after applying paint to use the Tough Coat Sealer. Mix well before use. Let stand 20 minutes before applying for bubbles to ascent. The surface must be clean, free from dust, wax and oil.


Apply with a brush or a roller. The milky appearance disappears during drying. Leave for 4 hours between layers. To increase the grip, you can perform a light sanding with a 220 grit sandpaper between the layers.


Mat and Gloss


Approximately 75 sq. ft./500 ml