Alum Salt – Evo

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Alum Salt is a double potassium sulfate and aluminum hydrate, which has a good water dissolution . When applying in wood finish, the alum salt serves as a mordant for vegetable pigments such as walnut stain, alkanna root, sandalwood, mahogany or others. It makes the regulation of the project base absorption possible as well as it put a protective layer against spots and water. Alum salt is also used to neutralize lime residues in lime plasters. It can also be used to clean wood before applying natural paint.

Properties :

  • Salt to be dissolved in water
  • Allows to block project base
  • Hardening effect
  • Acid property
  • Scentless
  • Antiseptic agent

Directions for use:

Mix the salt by stirring in hot water (100 g of alum salt for 1 liter of water), for about 5 minutes. The hotter the water, the better the dissolution of the salt.


Apply with a brush in order to saturate the surface. Allow to dry completely before applying your other coat (about 24 hours).

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