Abrasives in sheets – Siaflex 1948 – SIA

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Siaflex abrasive sheets 1948 professional grade. Superior leaves of the Sia red series, the 1948 leaves are more efficient, they sand faster and are more durable than those found in hardware stores.

Designed with semi-refined corundum grain and blue-fired grain on a reinforced latex support it offers a good performance. It folds without breaking and can be used manually or on mechanical sanders.     

  • 9 in. X 11 in.     
  • Available in beans from 60 to 800     
  • Pack of 50 sheets


  • High removal rate and good finish     
  • Very flexible and adapts to all forms thanks to the latex support     
  • Folds without broken   
  • Can be used dry or in water for multiple applications     
  • Minimal fouling due to open spreading in the kernels


  • Elimination of inequalities     
  • Removal of orange peel and dust inclusions     
  • Polishing varnish and lacque