Abrasive discs Siafast – Siaspeed 1950 – SIA

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SIA abrasive disc are professional grade. Superior to the Sia Yellow series, the 1950 Series is better performing, sand faster and is more durable than the one found in hardware store.

Designed from a semi-refined and refined corundum grain mix for a high-performance and regular finish, the 60 and 80 grain are reinforced with ceramic which optimizes heavy work. Compatible with all electric or pneumatic orbital sanders.    

  • Velcro backing     
  • 5 inches in diameter     
  • 8 holes     
  • Available in grains from 60 to 400


  • High material removal and durability thanks to powerful abrasive minerals     
  • Reduced clogging thanks to the new concept of stearate     
  • Constant and regular finish


  • Stripping and sanding of solid wood finish     
  • Sanding thick lacquer layer     
  • Stripping paint and sealants

Envelope of 4 disks or package of 25 disks